YEP!  I’m THAT Grandma – the one always ready for new adventures!

Hi!  I’m Lisa Rike.  I just became a Grandma in 2017 and I’m in love all over again!  As I work through staying connected with my little “pumpkin pie” via the internet (thank you technology) . . . did I mention she lives in Minnesota while I live in California?  At 18 months, she can now sign when she needs a Grandma fix – then her mama texts to see if Grandma is up for a video conference.  We have read book after book, together, and she always has something new to show me.  Being a grandma ROCKS!!!

While my children were growing up, my husband and I were the “cool” parents.  We always thought we were the strictest ones out there, but it turns out our “coolness” was in relation to our activities.  With surfing, biking, backpacking, robotics, travel, and so many more items on our agenda, we learned our many adventures were not the norm.  Now we are grandparents and have no intention of slowing down.

That’s why I decided to create Grandma Shenanigans.  I want to inspire other grandparents with our many adventures, because they are still part of our livelihood.  Over fifty doesn’t have to be over-the-hill.  I hope to show how being active and having fun is what keeps us young.  Grandparents can be creative, fun and energetic too!

I can’t wait to connect with other grannys out there . . . as we make this journey in life just a little bit more interesting!  So stay tuned, as I get this blog rolling!